Earthquakes in the UK ?

It has come to my attention through the sparse information provided by our usual media, that there is more to be gained from looking into certain subjects yourself. Earthquakes in the UK being one of them.

For instance, there have been new fault lines in the UK found that are linked to the infamous San Andreas fault lines.

Apparently we have small tremors all the time, but in this country we are all so used to the minor hiccups that no-one ever reports feeling them. The concern to me is that with the fracking around our West Coast and the fault lines showing that Kent, the Home Counties, Essex and Scotland are more at risk than elsewhere, there may not be much that our little island can do if we have a major quake. There is a piece in The Mirror about this from 19 April 2015.

With the ever rising number of volcano eruptions going on globally, unreported on national media, there is a good chance that our little rumbles will become more substantial.

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Back to The Drawing Board

Hey everyone, I’m back. I’ve not made my millions or become famous but I have experienced an awful lot in the last couple of years, some of which I may share with you all along the way. By the way, thank you all for being here xx I will be back to posting regularly now.

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The Solar Flip

Solar Flip

Get the padded room ready it’s the SAHARA DUST

Hi All,

I haven’t posted for quite a while, there have been developments in my life, not all good. My recent worry is that of a crazy woman, not able to fathom the bs from the truth.

Sahara Dust ???

First of all, I like to think that I have a free and sound mind but recent events regarding this sand have me reeling. The media circus tell us that the gritty ash like substance that landed on us for over a week was the arrival of Sahara Dust, which just happened to take flight and decide to blow this way.

My concerns arose with the media desciptive of said “dust”,surely it should have been “sand” seeing that the Sahara is full of the stuff.

My second was that they stated it was “red”, not in this neighboorhood it wasn’t, it was grey and gritty and impossible to wash off the car.

Mainly, everybody I know has had ailments such as sore throat, coughing, breathing problems, spots, chapped lips, constipation, feeling unwell or itchy eyes, none of which were there before the “dust” arrived. Puddles in my garden have turned a very bright green colour suggesting very quick growing algae, not something that Sahara dust should be promoting.

I was ready to mask up my kids for their daily commute to school but was advised that i was over-reacting by certain family members (wish I had now though !).

I did some research on the “dust” and the nasty taste it left in your mouth, which was nothing like sand, and found a few facts which threw me.

Lots of volcanic activity lately has been polluting the air above us with ash, which has similar qualities to the “dust”. Information on the effects are here. Earthquakes and volcanoes are largely natural occurences and as such happen because the Earth is having a blow-out, however I do think that the information of health risks should be public knowledge and not swept under the carpet. Most people I know didn’t realise that the ash cloud could spread so far.

Not content with finding this information, I had to look deeper to see what else could cause the symptoms associated at this time.

Now it gets silly, Nuclear Fallout , may have similar but longer lasting effects as in water contamination and cattle exposure, no to mention the obvious cancer threat. It seems governments aren’t always entirely truthful when it comes to incidents involving these nuclear power plants. It doesn’t take a genius to look for recent incidents at our very own . I find the comments more interesting than the article and think that if the powers that be read them, they would realise that we’re not all that easily fooled. The problem is that these things are happening more frequently and getting less airtime, giving way to trials of personalities in other countries and other very important items of news. sarcasm intended, and i prefer to find my own news most days as the main news is for the half asleep.

As a closing thought, maybe I should listen to myself sometimes in order to protect my most cherished, or maybe, as some suggest, I should now be wearing a straight jacket !!!

What do you think ?

See y’all soon, hopefully.




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Food Health and Safety

ABC of Food Safety

Hi all, this is a piece about how difficult my regular grocery shop has changed in light of all of the current issues regarding food health and safety.

As a busy mum, I try to make sure that my grocery stores are never empty, in an attempt to spend less money at the local, more expensive corner shop.

Food and Safety Regulations

It seems that the departments involved in applying these regulations are taking a break or at least working with their eyes wide shut. My personal shopping experience has turned into a major operation. I now have to read all the packaging on the grocery items I purchase.

For instance, my children used to enjoy a sandwich of tikka chicken, this I used to buy pre-packed, but on reading the label I found that the chicken is actually sourced from the other side of the world, then shipped here and marinated before packaging. Quite worrying when bird and avian flu is on the increase in the continent where this chicken is sourced. Other packs of processed meat do not give the actual details, they just state that it is from the EU, which these days could be just about anywhere. I didn’t realise that my beautiful and plentiful country was so short on livestock !!

My search at the supermarket now includes checking for Genetically Modified products, processed meat and fish from unidentified sources, artificial colours and flavours, added sweeteners etc. the job is endless. Also to be aware of is that some rice has been recalled to Japan, the reason you need to look up for yourself. Be on guard about certain bottom feeding fish too, like tuna as they apparently have a high level of mercury in them.

My Family’s Food Safety

These days I rely a great deal on my local butcher and green grocer for the fresh meat and fruit and vegetables, as they can tell you exactly where they got your food from. This costs more but what price can you put on your health and the health of your children.

Something I find highly suspicious is the disappearance of my favourite sterilised milk in a glass bottle. I used to have it delivered by the milkman but the supplier was changed and “poof”, the regular bottles vanished to make room for bottles with screw caps and pasteurized, sterilised and homogenized milk, which tasted foul. Now I am on the hunt for a local dairy which will provide me with my milk on a weekly basis, rather than drinking the white stuff that the supermarket calls whole milk, which is treated to extend its shelf life and probably contains none of the goodness that milk should have.

New Hobbies

I have however found a new pastime that my children and I enjoy, making bread, it doesn’t even matter if it’s perfect, at least we know whats in it !! We have also been reading books about plants that grow in our local woodland to see which are edible, with some surprising results. There is so much to be gained from this information that should have been passed down through the generations. This information was replaced by the age of technology and unfortunately instead of enhancing our ability to live from the fruits of the land it made us lazy. So many herbal and plant remedies for common ailments can be found in our green spaces, not to mention the free fruit, which can be dried or made into jam for use when it is no longer available. Care should be taken that nothing is eaten before it is properly identified as safe though as there are quite a few poisonous plants out there as well.

Please take this information and do your own research, one good use for this technology, and use it to benefit your family. Growing grocery prices and Food Scares are now an everyday occurrence so be wise and keep your mind free. Please check out this amazing way to earn 100% commissions and become self-sufficient.